Empowering the Creative Spirit in Youths


In Zimbabwe and Africa, the creative arts are particularly underdeveloped despite there being a large degree of talented artists. The conventional nature of the educational system places emphasis on traditional academic subjects and view the creative arts as only hobbies and activities that offer no viable career options. The power of creativity is greatly underestimated and maybe even ignored when I feel it is the essence of which that brings us the biggest joy and activity,an essential tool to overcome any challenge in any field. A culture of creativity needs to be fostered and promoted amongst the Zimbabwean youths.

The Johannes Art Foundation is an organisation dedicated to helping young people realise their dreams and potential through the power of their creativity. In addition, it raises money to help disadvantaged children using the arts as rehabilitation and education. The Foundation works to help young people gain confidence, build connections in their communities, and grasp opportunities to succeed. This is especially done through the         generous donations of our, trustees, patrons and members. We accomplish these goals by events and combining that with the knowledge, creativity and dedication of young people. The Johannes Art Foundation provides a strategic platform for young people’s engagement in community initiatives and builds charitable giving in regions where members live and work.

The Johannes Art Foundation seeks not only to promote through the arts a culture intrinsically Zimbabwean , but to go beyond and make it appealingly Zimbabwean.The JA Foundation aims to reverse the taboo that artists are “broke and dumb” by being a hub of awareness, information, learning and motivation that will provide future artists with a broader foundation concerning their prospective careers.

One of the biggest arms of the JA Foundation will be promoting a culture of giving back and attending to the needs of those less privileged amongst the creative community.

True success is dependent on the relationships created with former artists and art-based international and national organisations to create a solid mentorship program which will enable growth.


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